Bass guitar lessons for players of any standard.


Chris is able to tutor students of all ages one-to-one bass guitar from beginner players who have just started with the instrument to advanced players who wish to move their playing into a more professional standard. For more information you can email or text Chris below.
His current rates are £9 for 30 minutes and £15 for 60 minutes which can be booked at negotiable times.

Chris started playing the bass guitar in mid 2009 while recieving private lessons from an electric guitar tutor for four months. He achieved a Grade 5 standard within six months, early 2010, (skipping Grades 1 to 4) and went on to achieve Grade 8 standard (skipping Grades 6 and 7) by early 2013. He has an A Level in music and in music technology and is currently in his final year of study for his degree in Popular Music. He enjoys playing music from a wide range of genres and eras including Dream Theater, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Daft Punk, Rancid, J.S Bach, Iron Maiden, Muse and many others.

Chris has experience in teaching both one to one sessions and in a classroom setting. He started out teaching acoustic guitar in 2010/2011 but found a preference in teaching bass guitar. In late 2011 he taught a Year 7 music class once a week whilst studying for his A Levels and moved onto a Year 8 class in 2012, with each class averaging 30 students.