A collection of Chris's personal projects throughout the years.


Starting in 2012, Punctuality has been performing a variety of jazz music for private functions and events across South Devon. With an array of classic jazz pieces in their repetoir alongside a number of modern hit songs arranged in a jazz style, Punctuality can create anything from a background soundscape to being the forefront of the event. Punctuality is available for booking all year round with priority given to Christmas, Easter and Summer periods.

Gravity Pandas

A new project that is based in Cornwall, Gravity Pandas is a parody band comprised of Chris Burton and graphic designer Alex Chittenden. They set out to ridiculously rearrange the meanings behind popular songs such as Eminem's '3am', Red Hot Chili Peppers 'By The Way' and The Buggle's 'Video Killed The Radio Star'. They are currently working on their first EP 'Burgers on the Balcony' that will be released at the end of 2016.

Coming 8th August 2016

Coming 10th October 2016

Coming 12th December 2016

Coming 26th January 2017

Personal Composition

A collection of personal compositions, pieces of music that have been created without commercial direction from a third party. Chris has been composing pieces of music since 2009 that spread across a variety of genres utilising a modern rock band instrumentation, with a few minor additions. His work is currently being rearranged and recorded using multisampling technology created from a previous project.

Creating Instrumental Timbre from Natural Sound Using Multisampling

From September to December 2015, Chris completed a research project in Saint Pol De Leon, France that took natural acoustic sounds away from their source and manipulated them into becoming another timbre that closely resembled existing instruments. These new sounds were then played via a software sampler in real time for compositional and performance purposes. The project features a portfolio album alongside a series of video tutorials on the created instruments.

How Does Timbre Manipulate The Emotions Of The Audience In The Horror Genre Of Film and Video Games?

In 2016 Chris completed a research project analysing the reaction of a consumer of video games and film (in horror) and how/why timbre affects that reaction.


This research paper discusses the role that timbre plays in visual mediums such as film and video games, focusing on the horror genre, and how it affects the audience. I will be researching how timbre can manipulate emotion, supported by biological and psychological responses. The paper uses four case studies – two video games and two films of the horror genre, chosen within two categories of indie and mainstream (Trilby’s Notes, Resident Evil Revelations 2, The Blair Witch Project and Saw). This paper uncovers certain compositional techniques used by sound designers to employ timbre as a manipulative tool and also highlight the differences between media platforms and publishing (mainstream or independent) types.

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William De Ferrers Jazz & Jazz Harbour

From 2009 to 2011 Chris played bass for a jazz band in Essex which performed many jazz standards such as 'The Chicken', 'Chameleon', and 'Autumn Leaves'. Offically this is Chris's first band/ensemble.

Jazz Harbour (formally Tremough Jazz) is a big band linked with Falmouth University that Chris played with from 2013 until 2015 as their bass player. In 2014 he was made Vice President of their commitee, working with the arrangement of scores. The band played a range of jazz standards and swing pieces with a variety of singers as well as a full christmas repetoir.