Who Is Chris Burton?


Chris Burton is a music graduate residing in Devon and Cornwall. His primary instrument is the bass guitar but he is also a profient guitar and piano player. Chris also spends his time learning the violin, clarinet, marimba and the banjo.

Qualifications DegreeRSL AwardA-LevelCV

BA(Hons) Popular Music - Upper Second Class Honours
Falmouth University (2013-2016)

Bass Guitar Grade 8
RSL Graded Music Award (2013)

Extended Project, Music, Music Technology, Media Studies
King Edward VI Community College (2010-2013)

My current CV is available to view here:
CV-ChristopherBurton (28/08/16)

Chris's musical aspirations are split into three different parts: becoming a private bass guitar tutor, composer for video games and other visual media, and a session bass guitarist for live or studio work.

Moving from Cornwall to Essex when he was a child, Chris started learning piano upon arrival in the area. After taking to the instrument he started learning the guitar as well. Chris moved to Canada in 2006 for two years. There he learnt the bass clarinet and clarinet in a school band. It was there, also, that Chris developed an interest in bass guitar. In 2009 Chris returned to England and immediately started learning bass guitar. Six months later in early 2010 Chris achieved an RSL Grade 5 in bass guitar. In 2011 Chris moved again to Devon where, while studying for his A-Levels, he taught a Year 7 once a week. It was while in Devon that Chris recieved lessons in the marimba. In 2013 Chris, again skipping previous grades, achieved an RSL Grade 8 in bass guitar.

Chris is now completing a degree in Popular Music in Falmouth, Cornwall. He has an interest in many styles of playing, including funk/jazz/progressive rock on the bass guitar, classical/folk arrangements for the acoustic guitar and funk/rock on the electric guitar. He listens to, and is inspired by, a wide range musicians from 'A Flock of Seagulls' to 'Yes' and everything in between. See what i'm listening to.

When Chris isn't involved in any music related work he enjoys practicing martial arts such as Tang Soo Do at ISK Martial Arts Cornwall. He has been training since 2013 and has achieved 3rd Gup (red belt) along with a gold (traditional forms 2015) and silver medal (sparring 2015) at a national level. He also enjoys a variety of video games, from retro to modern, and is often influenced by their soundtracks when composing.